Thoughts For the Developer:

Optimise the life-cycle costs

Commercial tenants change on average every 5 years.

The ratio between

initial investment sum : costs for operation and modification equates to about 1: 5

BubbleDeck’s flexible slab/column system maximises the owners investment.

The keywords of construction in the future

The keywords of construction in the future is

  • Faster construction time
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better ecology

and as a result - better total economy which is achieved by the use of BubbleDeck®

BubbleDeck offers several advantages in every aspect of the building process - from design to construction, from environmental improvement to economic savings.

BubbleDeck combines the advantages from in-situ and prefab - the structural benefits from in-situ with the speed and convenience from prefab. In addition to this, the concept gives rise to an unprecedented possibility of flexibility.

Economic Advantages

The economic savings as a result of BubbleDeck is not only obtained by the deck itself. The largest savings are obtained through reductions and simplifications throughout the entire construction.

  • Savings in materials (slabs, beams, columns, foundations) are substantial (up to 50%).
  • Transportation costs are substantially reduced
  • Faster construction time; easy carrying out (reduction in erection cycle with 20-40%)
  • Subsequent faster installation of M&E services
  • Buildings are lighter than conventional slab design therefore, lower overall costing
  • Buildings can made more flexible, and changes are much less costly.
  • Less weather dependent
  • Less Concrete 35%. Saving of up to 40kg CO²/m². 50,000m² building can save up to 2,000 tons of CO².
  • Less workers required. Virtually no carpentry, no rebars beams, less skill workers needed, less placement of reinforcement.
  • Less transportation of construction materials. Less crowded construction area. Less steel bars, less concrete, virtually no plywood, less false ceiling.
  • All saving effects combined may offer a savings potential of 5-15% of the carcase.
Additional aspects
  • Improvement of working conditions.
  • Reduced risk during erection, due to reduction in weight as well as number of crane lifts.
  • Reduced building time means less disturbances of surroundings.
  • Less emission of noise - in production, transport and assembly.